Budskap 15 Augusti

Halva Augusti har snart gått, jag hoppas att du mår väl och har haft en bra månad såhär långt. Idag kommer ditt budskap från mina magiska enhörningar, en tarotkortlek som är på engelska. Översätter gör du själv.

You need a good laugh!

You’ve been so serious lately that you’re feeling stressed. It’s time to lighten up and see the humor in the situation. There’s always something to laugh about. Think about it for a minute: What part of your life is like a movie? What parts are funny? Laughing with love is very healing. Sometimes the best way to heal a situation is to step away from it. Can you read a funny book or watch a comedy on TV? Can you get togheter with friends and tell silly jokes? It feels so good to laugh hard, especially with loved ones.

This card asks you to see the humor within each situation, and not take life so seriously. You can ease your own stress and that of others with humor and laughter. Learn to feel joy, no matter what’s happening around you. Laughter and joy are magical because they bring happy situations into your life.

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