Budskap 31 Juli

One step at a time!
Lots of little steps make big dreams come true.

This card says that you have a big dream, but you may not know how to make it happen. The unicorns want you to know that your dream can come true if you’ll focus on taking one small step at a time. If you will just do one or two things a day related to your dream, it will come true more quickly than you can imagine! You can take small steps to complete any project. For example, if you need to write a report or clean a room, you can focus on one page or one corner of the job at a time. Don’t think about the whole project – just focus on the litte bit that you’re doing right now. Then, once that page or corner is done, you can think about the next page or corner. You can even plan how many pages or corners you’ll complete (on a calendar) to help you plan ahead.

Taking one step at a time is a secret way to success. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do if you’ll make slow and steady progress. Take a moment and think about your project or dream. Imagine that it’s already completed, and notice how you feel in your body and your heart. Then ask your angels, “What step should I take right now to make it happen?” Notice any thoughts, feelings, words or pictures that come to you. If you recieve a strong message to take action in a positive way, then do so. Remember that every big job or dream can happen if you’ll just break it down into small steps and then take them.

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